Jan 13, 2008

13 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi [Pics/Photos/Images] + Wallpaper

Pics of the Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi..

Bajaj displays the Discover 150 DTSi at the Auto Expo 2008.. According to the Bajaj officials present there the new DTSi of the new 150 cc Discover will produce around 14.1 bhp maximum power. Launch of this new 150 cc Discover will most probably be in the 2'nd quarter of 2008 (i.e around June-July 2008). Price has yet not been decided.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi Wallpaper

Discover 150 DTSi Wallpaper
Size: 1024 X 768

Except for the tank the Discover has completely new body panels along with a new design of the headlamp. The Discover 150 also features integrated blinkers on the scoops/extensions on the tank. After the 125 cc TVS Flame, the Discover is the second bike to feature integrated turn indicators on the tank extensions.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi Wallpaper

Discover 150 DTSi Wallpaper
Size: 1024 X 768

The headlamp design is new and so is the LED Tail lamp. The Discover 150 also features a Digital Speedometer similar to the one seen on the XCD Sprint DTSi.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi Headlamp
Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi Rear Tail Light

Although the bodywork is new, the 150 cc Discover looks very much similar to its present 135 cc cousin. It is because of the shape of the tank which hasn't been touched. Also unlike the Discover 135 which has an all black paint to its alloys and engine covers, the Discover 150 DTSi displayed at the Auto Expo features a silver paint scheme to its alloys and enigne. The exhaust is in matt back though and the chain guard also features an interesting black and silver design.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi Left Side Profile
Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi Speedometer


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Rajesh said...

Why 2 bikes in the same segment. are they gonna close pulsar 150 cc ??

Payeng said...

I don't think that production of Pulsar 150 is going to be stopped.

Maybe Bajaj want's to consolidate its market position as a leader in the 150 cc segment and want's a bigger slice of the 150 cc market with two 150 cc models.

After all Hero Honda has 3-4 models sharing the same 100 cc engine (CD DEluxe, Splendor+, Passion +, Splendor NXG..)

and two models with the same 125 cc engine (Super Splendor, Glamour)..

and 3 models in the 150 cc segment (Achiever, CBZ Xtreme, Hunk)

rajesh said...

so how exactly is it diffrent from pulsar ???

Payeng said...

Can't really comment on that Rajesh..

There is still sometime for this product to come in the market.

Lets wait and see.

Its my life said...
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Sajal Chakraborty said...

You know what dude Discover 150 would be easily weakest looking 150 in the market as it still holds the 125-135cc look. The engine in the very first go looks to be borrowed from the old Pulsar 150 (the original DTSI), but the looks of the bike is not as aggressive as for a 150cc bike. You feel this all the more after seeing XCD Sprint

Anonymous said...

Discover 150 is not a good looking as other 150 bikes..headlight seems to be integerated of Platina...from silencer to front tyre it is same as Pulsar????

For cost cutting Bajaj has removed one LED tails strip...put on the digital meter of XCD...overall a bad product...even a HH Achiever looks better than new discover 150

Shankx said...

What have you done bajaj this bike looks pathetic.After launching great bikes like pulsor 200 , 220 , Avenger Bringing such a shit is dissapointing. Even a tvs star city looks better than this

aadhu said...

hey payeng, do u have any info on the bajaj blade??

Shy said...

the bike looks like s@#t.......i am a trusty fan of bajaj (i have owned 2 bajaj bikes previously and currently riding one) and they are about to lose one great fan, if they are going to produce this bike....where is rahul bajaj, did his designers fall asleep while designing this bike...

sabeer said...

Too bad. it looks like 135new model.

Anonymous said...

hey dude it even resembles suzuki zeus when looked from distance..it ll be difficult to ride vehicles at top speed if the vehicle is so slim..that too 150cc whooof...same tail light of xcd 125cc but little extended version..3in 1 mix look..discover 135cc dts-si, platina & xcd 125c..bajaj discover 100cc looks better than this...hey bajaj we are eagerly waiting for your race version bikes (250cc,500cc etc).. not this light version..

vroom mach said...

hello BAJAJ pune whats this i already own discover 100 cc but this 150 cc is not good as 100 cc hmmm keep your designs in high std or hav u saw mahindras diablo and stalio mojo go and see

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