Jan 10, 2008

16 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: Bajaj Auto [New XCD DTSi Sprint + Wallpaper]

Bajaj Auto responds to the TVS Flame and how...!! The XCD DTSi Sprint will be the Most Powerful 125 cc in the Indian Two Wheeler Market..!!


Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi
1024 X 768 Size Wallpaper

Just as TVS gets ready to launch its three valve 125 cc Flame, Bajaj is preparing to launch a 4 Valve DTS-i (its Digital Twin Spark Plug technology) based 125 cc XCD Sprint DTS-i..!!

The sprint has been designed to excite the 100-125 cc customer who is also looking for some "Speed-Masti". I was lucky to speak to the Brand Manager of the XCD who was present there today. The Max Power of the XCD Sprint DTS-i as told to me by him would be 12.5 BHP..!!

Which means that the XCD Sprint will be the new Performance King in the 125 cc segment, overtaking the (11 BHP) Yamaha Gladiator..!!

125 cc Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi

The launch of this product according to the brand manager of the XCD would be in the first quarter of 2008. That means roughly by March-April 2008.

Not only the XCD would be the most powerful in its class, I found the new XCD Sprint to be better and more radical looking than its rival, the TVS Flame.

Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi

Except for the tank, the front mudguard and the turn blinkers, the XCD features a completely new bodywork.

The tank has attractive extensions which has a classy chrome strip running across its length. The top portion of the tank has a matt black plastic design element to it. The XCD Sprint DTSi has Gas Filled "Nitrox" shock absorbers, front disc brakes, a new digital speedometer and the back lit switches (with auto cancel turn indicators), which have also been taken from the bigger Pulsars.

Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi

The side and tail panels are new and the footrests now are on an aluminium subframe. The XCD Sprint DTSi also features split rear grab rails and an exposed chain with a half chain cover. The XCD Sprint DTSi also gets a new handlebar with weighted bar ends.

Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi

The "Freaky" LED Tail Lamp of the XCD Sprint DTSi

The Headlamp is a Work of Art and so is the "Sexy" looking LED Tail Light assembly. The whole package manages to give the XCD a "freaky" character.

Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi

125 cc Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi

The only sore thumb in the entire visual package according to me is the old-chrome fuel filler lid.

The complete specs of the 125 cc XCD Sprint DTSi will soon be published..

Keep Posted.


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Jithin Saji said...

hey..no news or pics on the discover 150?? eagerly awaiting...

Bhaiti said...

Is it a Swirl induction version?
Bajaj is trying every trick in their book, wow very admirable paint quality, looks and features, very innovative, gr8 rear mudguard, tail lamp looks stunning and very aggressively designed...isn't it a too much of a good thing to digest, are 4V efficient for tiny engine?

Sajal Chakraborty said...

Heheheh.........the war is still on!!!!!!

Bhaiti said...

Much needed revised tail lamp design and new meter job. Tyres looks beefed up, what’s more desirable is a disc in front and 130mm drum at rear.

Puma said...

Upon reading this article I thought of writing this (It is quite Long and many people might not like what i have written):

I have been to forums where people have been talking of "start of revolution" and worship a particular Bike Manufacturing Company as Gods. Yes, I do know that they did revolutionise when they brought out their initial 'R' series. But this time is it revolutionising?

People tend to forget the catalyst which starts the changes! And in India I find few people to actually see that an "Indian" can be the catalyst.

Yes, there were issues initially (and still in those earlier bikes) of bajaj, as they were doing different to what they earlier did. And if anyone says Other Bike Brands do not have such issues, can they vouch for those Brands that they never had issues initially too?

All I see that Bajaj started the change and this made other brands to wake up and push the Indian committee to change the regulations and bring in their BIG bikes. And put few changes to already "old" ones. They are looking India as 'a' (read one of the many) market. They do not have plans to put India as the one where changes can be done (or do they? Maybe now they are?).

Bajaj is trying to do that. . . (Loved the tail lights of XCD sprint. Earlier i liked CBZ and apache's. But now ... which are those bikes. I see only XSprint). They are learning and in a marketing or I.T. point of view their learning curve is tremendous.

What do you say Payeng?

P.S.: @Payeng Accept this comment only if you feel it is good enough. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Payeng,
XCD Sprint definitely looks cool!!
It would be great if come up with an exclusive coverage of auto expo 08 concentrating on 2 wheelers..with better pics, specs etc.

You are so lucky being in Delhi at this time :) I really miss it..


Panduranga said...

BAL people seem to be working overtime!! Hats off to Rajiv Bajaj and his team. They are the perfect competitors for any bike. If Flame was a question for XCD they have thrown back a question at the FLAME with this bike.Amazing work...

Payeng said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone..

The Pics of the Discover will be published soon..

but believe me that the XCD Sprint DTSi steals the thunder from the Discover 150 DTSi at least in terms of looks..

Can't talk anything about the engine and its 4 valves till it is out actually.

@ Puma,

Thanks to a growing economy, we sure are witnessing some chages..

Be it Hero Honda, Bajaj, TVS or as most recently Yamaha.. almost everyone has contributed to this growth at some point of time or the other..

"Competition is surely a good thing..!!


Sajal Chakraborty said...

Payeng!!! sorry if you find me a little bit too much but I guess what puma has written speaks it all. I guess this is what we all feel.

Great lines puma dude!!

ashes_dad said...

he all u bikers i think that in 2008 an evolution of bikes is going to take place.the engines.the bodywork and the technologies are going to be upgraded to their ultimate position.what do you think payeng?

Puma said...


Thanks. I just told what I felt. And I appreciate Bajaj have started the change (and so have TVS too by trying to bring their RTR - Fi)


Whether Bajaj continues to do more work or Other Co bring in their bikes, in the long run I guess it is a WIN - WIN for Indian consumer.

Payeng said...

Spot on ashes_dad, Spot on..

Apart from the Soaring Fuel Prices, the near future looks promising for the "desi" bike scene.

chetan said...

someone will even like to sell karizma for this wild thing . there r no words to say any negative aspects about this bike

sandip said...

I am waiting for bajaj xcd sprint bike

Anonymous said...

It will be released in December 2008

deven said...

i am waiting bajaj xcd 135 sprint plz.... whn it will launch i buy this bike

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