Dec 21, 2007

11 Please Help me..!! There is a COPYCAT Around..!!

Someone is copying and pasting articles from "The Bike Chronicles of India".. Please Help Me..!!

They say, "Imitation is the Best form of Flattery..". But honestly I am not impressed or flattered.

Please help me stop this COPYCAT or else I might lose inspiration to continue blogging on "The Bike Chronicles of India"

Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Kedar Parikh who pinged me on this, there seems to be a COPYCAT on the internet who has been stealing stuff from "The Bike Chronicles of India" and posting them as his own.

Update: 18:00 hrs, 21'st Dec 2007

Thanks everyone for your support.. the blog owner has apologized publicly and has removed all the copied posts from his blog. Every thing is cool now.

I could have ignored this incident, but it hurts to see the hours of my dedicated work being copied and pasted just like that.

Thanks once again to everyone.

This COPYCAT has copied two of my recent posts verbatim down to the last punctuation and pasted on his blog..!!


There is another post on that COPYCAT Blog which is another straight lift from a blog called Vicky.In

It is my humble request to all the visitors/readers of "The Bike Chronicles of India" to "FLAG" THIS COPYCAT. Just follow the arrowmark as shown in the above screenshot to find the FLAG BUTTON. Visit the COPYCAT BLOG and then kindly FLAG it.

I just hope blogger/google will do the rest.

Please help me stop this COPYCAT or else I might lose inspiration to continue blogging on "The Bike Chronicles of India".


This is to remind that the Views or Opinions in the blog are entirely mine unless explicitly stated. The Views and Opinions published in this blog should in no way be related to any other person or organization associated -- directly or indirectly -- with me.


ANIRBAN said...

I have flagged!
Hey all out there! Please flag that blog! Fight for the noble and hard working owner of this blog! Flag now!
As you see Mr. Satadal Payeng works so much to write articles and gathering information! So we all must fight for him!

Mike Werner said...

The only thing you can do (legally) is report it to his ISP. ISPs have the legal obligation to make sure no illegal stuff is happening.

Payeng said...

Thanks Anirban,

@ Mike, can you tell me how do I get to know the ISP of this COPYCAT Blog..??

INDIAN said...


Subhankar said...

I have flagged it too. As he is using so I think there is no use of complaining to any ISP as anyone can get an a/c in blogger and start blogging. Hope the blog will get enough flags to get attention of admins. Anyways that cheap blog is not as important as I am sure there won't be a single reader. Chill Payeng...we are with you and we will get to know stuffs from 2wheelsindia only. Its done by some noob trying to blog thats it. Chill.

Vijay Malhotra said...

looks like the person has understood his/her mistake as now i can only see a apology post out there

@payeng the isp cannot do anything about this nor legal action can be taken coz ur content isnt copyrighted by any legal organization or authorized party

Sajal Chakraborty said...

Done!!!! But when I visited his blog he has removed all his contents and appologised from you.

rearset said...


gearhead said...

flagged him

gearhead said...

hey the fellow has posted an apology. check it out

Payeng said...

Yes Gearhead,

That guy has realized his mistake and apologized.

Thanks everyone for your support. We are Cool now

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