Dec 6, 2007

9 Duty Bike of Bangalore Police [Photo/Pic]

Modern four stroke bikes for Bangalore Police..

Royal Enfield Bullet's are out..
Fuel Efficient and Reliable modern bikes are in.

Bangalore Policeman on his Duty Bike

Fear the Black.. err.. Spots..??

[Special thanks to the police "uncle" in the photo who sportingly agreed for the priceless snap]


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Sajal Chakraborty said...

It's good to see that the government is showing interest in cruisers but -- yaar looks ki aisi taisi kar di bike ki ;-)

munjal said...

WAT laga di bike ki :-)

Vega said...

Hey man,

Thats good to see! U know wat?? In Chennai it was introduced long back.. Fiero F2 for the police dept and it was specially painted.. It was even shown in the movie "BOYS" long back.. And now Hyundai Accent to police dept like u see in "NYPD Blue" ;-)

Payeng said...

Yes Vega, I had heard about the Accents for Chennai Police..

also prior to this, even Bangalore Police had the Suzuki Fiero (the model before the F2) with the same "cheetah" like paint..

first_synn said...

Good lord, we sure have some tasteless people in the bureaucracy...

Payeng said...

That "Cheetak" theme comes Custom Painted from Bajaj Auto.

The other day somebody told me that its has been painted so to prevent Personal Use of the bike..!! Don't have an idea whether that is true.


Johnny Gaddar said...

I suppose the cheetah spots make bike go faster thats the secret. Plus nothing like getting chased or stopped by a cheetah bike. I'm sure the officier will change his bike with you.

Anonymous said...

It look like someone had fired the officer, but the bullet missed him and everytime they hit the bike. :d

munjal said...

WAT laga di bike ki :-)

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