Dec 18, 2007

3 125 cc Bajaj XCD with just the Kick Start at Rs. 39,000 (Ex-Showroom Bangalore)

Bajaj launches the "kick start only" variant of the 125 cc XCD..

Today I paid a visit to Auto Service, the Probiking Sercive Center at Bangalore.. While waiting for the Service Guys to attend to my bike, I happened to notice a small poster of the Bajaj XCD pasted on a tree trunk. It said "1,00,000 bikes (XCD's) sold within three months of launch". Considering the sudden spurt of XCD's I have lately seen on Bangalore roads, I believe that XCD has so far been able to make a decent initial impression.

But what caught my attention was the line which said "Kick Start now at Rs. 39,000 only".

XCD Poster Ad

So far Bajaj had launched just the Electric Start Variant of the XCD which is priced at around Rs. 41,000 ex-showroom Bangalore. With its introduction the new kick start only variant of the XCD now becomes the cheapest 125 cc available in the country.

On my way back, I stopped by a Bajaj showroom and clicked a few pics of the new Kickstart variant of the XCD. Everything is same on this variant except that the ignition switch is missing on the right switchgear (pic posted below)..

Electric Starter missing in the new variant

..and there is an empty space between the carburettor and the engine cylinder (the space taken up by the starter motor in the electric start variant)

Kick Start only variant of the XCD

125 cc Bajaj XCD

The electric start variant of the XCD

In Chennai the XCD retails for Rs. 45,590 On road for the electric start version. That means we can expect to shave off around Rs. 2,000 from the kick start only version there too.

CT100 production ceased:

    Looks like the CT100 has been laid to rest by Bajaj. The Official website of Bajaj doesn't have the CT100 in its product list anymore.

Rs. 4,000 Discount on the 100 cc Platina

    The Platina is available for a discount of Rs. 4,000. In Bangalore the ex-showroom price of the Platina is Rs. 29,000 after the discount.

Commuters probably never had it so good.

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Sajal Chakraborty said...

XCD would say to Splendor NXG - BEAT THAT!!!!!

Subhankar said...

Hmmm....thats what I wanted to know. Thanks for the info Payeng.

Anonymous said...

I would take the kick start over electric anyday! Very good move by Bajaj, hope they advertise a bit about it in near future.

If they launch a kick-only with Disc brakes, well that would be sone-pe-suhaga, I would really buy that particular variant. GG Bajaj.

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