Nov 16, 2007

12 TV Ad/Commercial of the New 150 cc Hero Honda "Hunk" motorcycle..

Rate the TV Ad/Commercial of the Hero Honda Hunk..

After the 150 cc Achiever (which sadly did not achieve much) and the CBZ Xtreme (with the extreme makeover), Hero Honda seems to have got it right this time with the "Hunk" (Funny name eh..??).

Screen shot of the Hero Honda Hunk TV Ad

Have a look at the new TV Ad/Commercial of the "Hunk" (posted below).. How do you like it..??

Results of the Public Poll to Rate the TV Ad/Commercial of the Hero Honda Hunk..

Public Poll Results

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nilu said...

hero honda does it again! dunno why, however good their products might be, their ads suck big time.this is even worse than their "achiever" ad.

HH should take a cue from the bajaj or tvs rtr ads or just change their ad agency.

seshadri said...

HH should also spend sometime thinking over the names for their bikes.

Ambition, Achiever, Glamour, Hunk.

somebody tell the munjal grandpas that THINKING IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME :-)

tempuser said...

it'll be fun to see the apache 160, pulsar 180-200-220 kick dust into the face of this hunk

Cé$âr said...

hahaha thinking is not a waste of time.. u said it sheshadri.. cheers

Cé$âr said...

OH my GOD. The bike metamorphosizes into a F**#&$^ bull. These guys have offically gone bonkers.

Then again, with a name like Hunk, the ad just had to be worse.

Thats the only thing i like about Hero Honda. Stupid ads you can laugh at. Ha ha ha

road-yo said...

Beside the topic, but I wonder why this guy seshadri/tempuser has made a 180 degree turn to ridiculing Hero Honda.

Payeng said...


is it rodeo_biker from Overdrive Forums..??

road-yo said...

Nope man, I ain't on any Indian auto forum. Just a reader of your & Rearset's blog :-)

GAGAN said...

i wud say....something went horribly wrong concept wise....that means either the hunk is the bull....or the bull is the hunk...or put the bike in front of bulls and it "tranforms" into a bull....aaaarrggh....mind twister!!

Anonymous said...

This advertisement is so silly, we are talking about a 150cc Hero Honda "Hunk", the comparision to a bull is not appropriate, unless it has something to do with what comes out of the bull's rear end.

Replace the H in Hunk with J, and that about sums up my opinion of Hero Honda and this outdated sticker job bike.

Payeng said...

Hey lets give Hero Honda some credit.. coz this isn't another sticker job.

The body work on the hunk is completely new.

Anonymous said...

I really pitty on the Ad agency who make these f*cking nonsense ads for HH bikes..


Change your ad agency guys. Your ads dont make my aderaline rush. Why the hell u pay for such crappy ads?

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