Oct 15, 2007

20 "Daijya" Full Face Helmet

Got the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi, now it was time to get a Full Face Helmet..

Update [Jun, 2011]: This particular Daijya helmet has been DISCONTINUED by DSG.

It has been replaced by new designs.

Glifford: "time to get a full face helmet. You need the chin protection as much as you can!"

First_Synn: "please do get a full face... Personally, i wouldn't ride anything that can touch 40+ without a full face lid."

When you get comments like these, that means you are in good company of true bike enthusiasts. These comments came in, since I happened to post pics of myself on my new Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi with an open face helmet.

Thanks guys, thanks for reminding me that safety comes first.. But actually the open face helmet was just a stop gap arrangement before I could receive the Full Face "Daijya" helmet from DSG (Dream Sporting Gear).

It was yesterday when I received the "Daijya" helmet. Believe me guys when I say that this is the best helmet that I have ever used. Not only does the helmet look expensive, it also feels very secure.

It is without doubt one of the best branded helmet that I have used so far. DSG happens to be the sole authorized distributor of the Daijya brand in India.

The helmet that DSG had sent has a blue tinted visor, which along with the glossy finish of Red and White looks very attractive.

This time I can already see both Glifford and First_Synn nodding with approval.

Check out the website of DSG, http://www.planetdsg.com/ for more..


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Glifford said...

Cool! Congratulations!

Looks really nice and complements you and the bike really well!

Just one concern. See if you can get a clear visor to use in the nights. Rides out of town will be really difficult and hazardous if you use the dark visor. Simply because of the oncoming high beams.

And leaving the visor open is not a good option because:

1. The bugs/debri/stones can hit your face/eyes hard. They are a plenty at night and at great speeds they can inflict serious damage on your face. (Look for dead insects squashed on your visor during fast day time riding.

2. The helmet lining gets if left open.

3. You can't keep it open in the rains.

I have a Bieffe BR 15 with a very slight tint (not as dark as yours). And I have serious trouble during night riding.

How much does it normally cost?

And hope you are running in your bike with love and care!

first_synn said...

i-Approve. :D

That being said, I haven't had much trouble with dark visors. Mebbe it's just a personal thing.

Lastly, yes; keep the visor closed if you can help it. I see that the lid has ample venting, so heating up shouldn't be a problem...

Congrats again...

Payeng said...

thanks again to both of you..

while riding in the dark I have found even non-tinted visors produce glare from oncoming headlights of vehicles. In the night I kind of like to ride with the visor raised.

to keep the insects at bay I use my reading glasses which I put on after wearing the helmet.

that being said the blue tinted visor of my Daijya helmet is an excellent one. when put on , everything turn into a world of cool Sepia tone. there is absolutely no distortion of image. Infact its so good that after sometime I almost forget that I have a visor on.

The retail price of the Daijya helmet is Rs.5,500. There is one more model with bluetooth intergrated into it, which costs around Rs.8,000.

Avijit said...

I could not search daijya at planetddsg. Has they stopped selling it?

Payeng said...

Hi Avijit,

I just spoke to the Guys at DSG.. and they have told me that the online catalog for the Daijya Helmets should be back in a fwe days.. (it has been temporarily removed for some maintenance related issues)

The Daijya Helmets are the best available in India..

By the way, the Daijya Helmets are available in DSG retail outlets. (you can check out the Phone number given at the DSG Website)

Anonymous said...

are the visors optically correct? since by paying such a price one should get one ;)

Payeng said...

Believe me When I say that the Visors are the BEST that I have used so far..!!

The Blue tinted Visor looks Dark from outside.. but the view from inside the helmet is like as if you have put on an expensive pair of "Ray-Ban" shades..!!

Anonymous said...

@ Payeng
Well thank u bro, i have made my mind and gonna get myself the same apparel that you have just one more thing,,, will that apparel suit my pulsar 220 "Black" since you have the RED apparel..Bro since I shall be traveling all the way to Pune from here Nagpur to buy one thats y i need your suggestion desperately... well thanx again

sirrantsalot said...

Just got myself one. I absolutely agree! The visor is stellar! No glare what so ever.. I usually dont wear a helmet while riding in the city mainly because it's bloddy hot.. But the vents on this thing are amazing! Guess the bangalore police are gonna see a drop in their fine collection revenue, oweing
to the fact that till date, i've been one of the major contributors :))..

Hemant Hegde said...

Hi Satadal, Your's is amongst the most frequented sections of the web for me. Thank you for taking time off and indulge in your passion. A rare breed you are [(hint of Yoda there. ;)].

I was wondering about these Daijiya helmets, They sure look great, and some of the Graphics ROCK!. Having said that, if I Google 'Daijya Helmets' , all I come up with are links to xBhp and your Blog!!!

I Found that quite intresting. Well, Notwithstanding the above, I will be heading to motomania tomorrow to have a look at them myself.

Cheers! and keep it up!

Rajiv Chalke said...

Hey Bro..

I am gettign one of that too. Currently isnt in stock.
I have 'booked' couple of other gear too... ( my new bike is comming soon) ;)

So it seems the Daijya helmet is bit too heavy and people have come back complaining and hence the Bangalore DSG store has decided not to keep them ( but still can source it if required). I have had a serious neck/spine prob in the past... so am a bit worried if this will have an adverse effect.

I still dont mind the heaviness.. just wanted to see what is your take on this. Do you know any more folks thats had this helmet. Did they have any exp with the 'heavy' problem?

Your reply will help, I have to make a decision soon. I had already picked my fav one fromt he web and this issue came up

Payeng said...


Yes, the Daijya Helmet that I have been using is a bit heavy than what I have seen in the Market but at the same time I have yet seen/used a better helmet which felt so solid and secure on my head..

I hav had no neck problems so far.. bBut yes, I would have liked it to be a few gms lighter and not losing the solid build quality at the same time.

jayamohan said...

hey satadal where I can get one daijya helmet? Can I get it thru parcel? Pls give me the address of dealers near Kerala state.

jayamohan said...

hey satadal where I can get one daijya helmet? Can I get it thru parcel? Pls give me the address of dealers near Kerala state.

first_synn said...

i-Approve. :D

That being said, I haven't had much trouble with dark visors. Mebbe it's just a personal thing.

Lastly, yes; keep the visor closed if you can help it. I see that the lid has ample venting, so heating up shouldn't be a problem...

Congrats again...

Anonymous said...

hello friends..
will u plz help me to find a tinted visor for my daijya helmet? m from pune and the visors are otta stock..need it urgengtly.

aargee said...

Payeng :) Just a question to you on the credibility of Daijya. I could only find that Daijya is branded as economical brand from Marushin Helmets Japan, however, no other information on this is to be found on the web. Can you throw some credible information on this pls?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


True not much info is available on the net about "Daijya" branded helmets.. but having used the above helmet for 3 and half years now, I can vouch for its sturdy built quality.

It is much much better and safer than most helmets available in India

Ankur said...

Hello Argee,
I also agree with you on this. I mailed the marushin guys and they replied negative as owners or producers of daijya. I can't even find any website for Daijya. May be the planetdsg guys can say something on this.


jayamohan said...

But Daijya Helmets Design and colours looks amazing :)

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