Sep 13, 2007

3 Want a ride on "Arjun" from "Mahabharat"..??

Want to ride "Arjun" from "Mahabharat"..??

Very soon you will be able to able to walk into a showroom probably in the Eastern part of India somewhere in Bihar, Jharkhand or West Bengal and walk out with “Arjun” and be part of Mahabharat.

No, I am not talking about B.R Chopra’s Mahabharat, the famous TV series of yesteryears based on the Indian Epic. You aren’t getting to watch a rerun of it on TV either.

But somewhere in West Bengal in a sleepy place called Uluberia, three foreign corporations are hoping to write another epic in the Indian Two wheeler Market by launching a brand called "MAHABHARAT MOTORS"..!!

If you though that was funny, wait till you hear this..

The name of their first offering will be called.. hold your breadth..!! ARJUN..!!

Mahabharat Motors Website

The website of Mahabharat Motors is up and running. The three parties involved in this venture are..

From the information obtained from the website, construction of the factory has started. The completion of the factory is expected to be arond March 2008 and commercial production is expected around September 2008.

Among these trio only "Zongshen Group" of China has two wheeler making experience. So after Global Motors, Mahabharat Motors will be the second company to bring in Chinese Bikes in India.

Zongshen is actually one of the largest two wheeler makers of China. It even has it presence in Eurpoe. The photo published below is the flagship model of Zongshen Group called the ZS 250 GS.

Zongshen ZS 250 GS

230 cc, Zongshen ZS 250 GS

I just can't imagine someone buying something like the ZS 250 GS and flaunt it in front of your friends and say that you ride a "Mahabharat"..!!

However, do not harbor any hope of laying your hands on the ZS 250 GS hoping it will be the usual Chinese low priced product. At least no so soon. The initial offereings of "Mahabharat Motors" will be sold only in select regions of..

  • West Bengal

  • Orissa

  • Bihar (selected areas)

  • Jharkhand

So the initial models will be targetted to the rural and semi urban consumers. Well in that case, the brand name "Arjun" for a basically rural offering isn't that bad an idea.

But then, I just can't imagine someone buying something like the ZS 250 GS and flaunt it in front of your friends and say that you ride a "Mahabharat" (like the way you say when you ride a Honda or a Bajaj)..!!

So what say..?? Want to ride a "Mahabharat"..??

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amol t said...

hahahah this is serious fun!
saw their website.
And they are actually looking for dealers...I guess it wud b even more embarassing to sell them than ridin one?
The animation at the top, the font used for 'mahabharat motors' is real sidey job.Hats off to chinese.And we were saying hindi-chini bhai-bhai , god!

Payeng said...


all manufacturers look for dealers to sell their products..

NO company can afford to set up all of the showrooms.

Yes, I agree the website doesn't look too impressive.

Anonymous said...

My wife just bought a Zongshen. She outfiited it with a nice set of saddle bags and it has a carbon fiber exhaust, jetted, and individual pod.
I am a former roadracer in Florida and I can tell you this is much better quality than you think. They are also backed by American manufacturer Harley Davidson and Piaggio.
Yes it lacks high rev power, but offers enough low end torque. The breaks are stellar and the upside down forks are built well. The handling is impecable for the build.
This is an entry level bike and in no way can compare to my TZ125 or my NSR 250 or my Hyabusa or my Blackbird or my R-1. However, it topples Kawasakis ninja 250, cleaner and lighter than a Buell 500, easier to use than Suzukis entry 500, less torque than Hondas 650's.
Great bike for the buck for a novice that you want to stay alive or care about or love.
Ninja 250's are still $3,500 new here in the states, rediculous! These are $1,800 new!
GP roadracer #388 CCS southeast region.

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