Sep 7, 2007

15 Is the following "Comment" authentic..??

A Pulsar 200 owner has left a comment in "The Bike Chronicles of India".. it is it a Genuine one..??


    i own a P200 (Bajaj Pulsar 200) well maintained,

    the bike has let me down in terms of performance, to start with it doesnt cross 110kmph, secondly mileage 29 -30 kmpl (i expected 40, BAL guys said it gives 40 kmpl after all it is not a super bike)

    then last of all the bike doesnt start when raining it is realy worse...and thanks to BAL there is no kick (i know SBKS dont come with kick) but can we realy trust BAL technology to go ahead without kick.....

    i would never recommend any UG3 version BAL bikes...i am planing to go for a new bike...

    -- Sumit

This was a comment left by a guy supposedly called "Sumit" in this blog. But a voice in the back of my mind told me that something is wrong with this comment.

  • To start with, the comment was left in the post about a Drag Race between the Pulsar 220 and the Karizma. So why this unrelated comment about the Pulsar 200 in this particular post..?

  • Second: It sounds more like a "Public Service" message rather than an earnest grievance of a frustrated owner.

  • Third: I have seen a few Jerks in action in a few auto related internet forums whose sole purpose in life is to despise any Indian made two wheeler.

Just because I have an access to the internet and I have my freedom of speech does not not imply that I can say anything I want.

Voicing one's opinion is fine but posting false allegations is definitely a no no.

There is already a lot of "Noise" on the internet in the form of wrong information and baseless rumours. The "Bike Chronicles of India" gets above of 1,00,000 page views in a month. It is therefor my responsibility to check to the best of my ability that whatever information is published here is authentic. "The Bike Chronicles of India" shouldn't add to this "Noise".

Since there wasn't any proof accompanying the above comment, I decided not to publish it.

For the record even I can say: "I bought a Hero Honda CBZ for Rs. 66,000 in 1999. The bike couldn't cross 105 Km/hr. At around 100 Km/hr the bike used to wobble uncontrollably. The bike never gave me above 35 km/l. At high rpms the engine was very harsh and sounded as if it would sieze anytime. The handling of the bike suffered from understeer, one of my friend even crashed the bike since he couldn't finish a turn and due to which I hit a concrete slab on my chest since I was at the pillion seat.

But then where do I have the proof to justify whatever I have said above..? I could very well be telling lies just because I might want to tarnish the reputation of Hero Honda for some inexplicable reasons.

Just because I have an access to the internet and I have my freedom of speech does not not imply that I can say anything I want. Voicing one's opinion is fine but posting false allegations is definitely a no no.

Let me make it public for anyone who wants to leave a comment at "TBCI", either furnish proof along with such comments or please shut up..!!


This is to remind that the Views or Opinions in the blog are entirely mine unless explicitly stated. The Views and Opinions published in this blog should in no way be related to any other person or organization associated -- directly or indirectly -- with me.


suraj.s said...

hi payeng i dont trust this guy cause i have ridden my friends pulsar 200 to nandhi hills it was one hell of a experience the bike performance was awsome it crossed 120 once an maintained a steady speed of 118 in doubles and 127 in singles so i dont belive what he is saying, ya about the mileage during the first service it gave us a mileage around 34 and after the second service we checked the mileage once again it was 39 to 40 but still it depends on riding condition and only problem we faced the fuel indicator it can not be trusted once we went out of fuell, their is no starting trouble during rains in fact we have even riden our bike during heavy rains it starts fine no problems.and about rumors just check mouth shut .com one guy was giving review about 220 even before it was launched so plzz at least make your blog free from such things. see i trust your blog and xbhp for informations till now it has not let me i hope to stay here for a long time.

nilu said...

i am taking my p200 on a trip to Leh this sunday..and i trust this trip will be much much more than an acid test for my just-new p200.
will post an earnest review(with "proof" pics) after my trip.

hope my trip will end all these biased and nonsense comments.

nilu said...

and anyway, i can ask one couple of friends of mine who also own p200s to give their feedback on their bikes.

suffice to say, they are more than happy about their bike's performance so far. and yes, they get ~ 43 kmpl in delhi traffic.

nilu said...

and yes, the guy who crashed payeng's brand new bike was me!! :-)

Jagjit said...

I have a Pulsar 200 too. It has never let me down. Although I did feel bad once P220 was out but that didn't make much of a difference.
I have completed 4031 kms on it. Touched a top speed of 130, although it takes a long stretch, but 126-128 is achievable.
Did 0-60 in less than 4.5 secs. Didn't have equipment to get exact measurement.
It initially gave a mileage of 47 kmpl when I was running it in. I didn't cross 65 normally.
But now after so many wheelies and drags it still gives 37-42 kmpl.

The fuel gauge isn't very accurate, but it does give a correct reading if you start the bike in a completely vertical position. Wrong reading is common when starting bikes on side stands.
Have defeated every other bike and even car on road. Didn't get to drag with a P220, but the difference in top end of these bikes is just 5 km/hr

There is no Karizma that could beat me (even modified ones). My friends who own Karizma themselves said that P200 is smoother and more powerful than Karizma.

Good Luck with TBCI Payeng

sumit said...

payeng.. Just wanted to clarify that this Sumit is not me. I am not sure if he is using my name to make some baseless allegations to BAL or a genuine person with same name and having real issues with p200 which seems highly unlikely.

Payeng said...

Thanks all Pulsar 200 owners for pitching in with your views..

Sumit (the latest one to comment not the earlier one), you needn't worry if your share the same name and also happen to own a Pulsar 200.. :-)

It is also possible that the guy who made the comment might have indeed faced problems with his Pulsar 220 and it is possible that his case might be true..

but why is he trying hard to convince us not to go for bikes Bajaj Auto..??

Nilu, best of luck for your LEH TRIP..!! Wish I could join you guys too.. Expecting to hear about your experiences when you return.

Anonymous said...

whoever this guy is...what kind if an idiot goes for a new bike when he just spent almost 70 grand one. surely it cannot be more than six months old, can it? i think he's a splendor riding HH

Payeng said...

Actually the comment sounded exactly like from someone I used to know from an internet forum, whose only role there was to flame Brand Wars.

I certainly encourage healthy discussion here (TBCI) but certainly not Childish Brand Wars.

first_synn said...

man.. the more i think about it, the more tempadri seems to be a jobless loser to me.. :-D

P.S. you may choose not to publish this comment.. fine by me.. just lettin my personal thoughts known.. ;)

Payeng said...

@ first_synn,


Diesel said...

Synn, Payeng, Guess, now Sheshadser or Tempadri has added one more bike to his immaginative garage. ;-)
Payeng, dont even give a write up to such crap.

amol t said...

These types of comments are seen all over and people talk expertly about products which they have only touched.This freedom of speech proving to be too much.I also own a P200.I cant comment on top speed as I havnt tried that much.But as for mileage and electric starter I can assure thers's nothing wrong.My bike which has run 2500kms till date, is returning 43 to 46kmpl in city.
Although there are issues( mainly related to digi console and other quality issues) I wont say that this is a poor product.P200's other virtues more than makes up for such issues. You can refer to my blog here
where I have reported everything about my P200.

Sathish Shanbhogue K said...

Hi guys plsese stop brand wars. if you are really interested in 2wheelers try to contact that person who is fedup with the bajaj bikes and try to solve his problem.

siddharth said...

Hi guyz This is SID

i QWN P200 FOR LAST 1.5 Years and it has never let me down, meter has clocked 20000 km, and Top speed-126 kmph. I had maintained a constant mileage of 35 kmpl and touched 46 once.............I had driven almost each version of pulsar and every premium segment bike and i found no other bike that smoother and comfortable in any driving condition as my p200 is................FOR BAL - it has never claimed any odd thing about a bike taking into account 150 cc segment to 220 cc PULSAR ROCKZZZZZZZZ EVERY WHERE..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAMARA BAJAJ

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