Jun 29, 2007

4 Now Aamir Khan has a Blog..!!

Aamir Khan, the Bollywood Actor has a blog too..!! How popular are blogs in India..??

Ok, This isn't exactly Two Wheeler News but I found this quite interesting enough to share. Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan also writes a blog..!!

"You can visit his blog and leave your comments too. Who knows Aamir Khan might become your friend..!!"

You might ask so what is exciting about it..?? Well, the exciting thing about this is that we can keep a tab on what Aamir is doing right now. We can read about his opinions and thoughts. We can also leave comments on his blog. You might say.. "Ok we'll leave comments on his blog. But will he reply..??" After going through his blog, I have seen Aamir reply to a few..!!

Click here.. for link to Aamir's new Blog..( Aamir stopped updating the Laagan DVD blog and now blogs on his personal domain)

Link to Aamir's Blog

In the U.S, Blogs have become quite a powerful form of media. There are quite a few influential blogs around there. There are many international blogs which earn thousands/millions of dollars...

Famous International Blogs
  • Engadget: A blog which carries gadget reviews.

  • Boing Boing: Boing Boing is a weblog of cultural curiosities and interesting technologies. It's one of the most popular blogs in the world.

  • Gizmodo: Another Very Popular Gadget guide blog.

  • Techcrunch: A Blog on Internet Startups

  • PerezHilton.Com: A Celebrity Gossip Blog.

All the above mentioned blogs receives thousands/millions pageviews every day and earn thousands/millions of dollars every month..!!

Blogs in India

Blogging in India is quite at its infancy. In fact majority of the people in India who surf the internet hasn't heard of the term "Blog" or "Blogging". Among those who have heard, many of them do not quite exactly know what "Blogs" are. There are a few popular blogs/bloggers in India too. A few of them are:

  • Kiruba.Com: Personal Blog of Kiruba Shankar from Chennai. He writes about his life, about blogging and internet startups in India.

  • IndiaUncut.Com: A blog maintained by Amit Verma. He comments/writes about interesting news that he comes across.

  • YouthCurry.Blogspot.Com: A blog maintained by Rashmi Bansal (Editor of JAM Magazine). She writes about topics which interests Today's Youth.

  • Labnol.Blogspot.Com: A technology blog maintained by Amit Agarwal (probably India's only professional blogger). Amit quit his job as a software engg. just to become as a full time blogger.

These blogs have a loyal readership but it is no where close to what popular international blogs have. Among the above mentioned blogs only "Labnol.Blogspot.Com" (maintained by Amit Agarwal) manages to earn a few lakhs in a month..!! And that is because his blog gets around 20,000 pageviews every day.

Reason why Indian Blogs haven't made it big:

I had the opportunity to chat with Kiruba Shankar and Amit Agarwal about their blogs and blogging in India. After interacting with them, I can now say that there are three main reasons why Indian blogs and bloggers haven't made big news so far.

  • There are very few interesting Indian blogs for the common guy

  • Low internet penetration in India

  • Lack of "Celebrity Bloggers" in India

Aamir's Blog: Aamir Khan's blog comes as a whiff of fresh air and is a welcome addition to the "Desi" Blogosphere. Aamir stated blogging since 17'th June 2007. He has made 8 posts so far. There are already 100 plus comments on many of his posts..!! Aamir has also taken the trouble to reply to a few in his posts.

The word that Aamir writes a blog will definitely spread and more people would start visiting his blog. Aamir's blog is actually part of a website which has been launched to market the "Lagaan DVD". This is what Aamir writes in his first post..

Hi Guys, this is Aamir. Its been 6 years since LAGAAN released in theatres across the world, and while the DVD has been released all over, in India it has only just come out. Reason? My ignorance as a producer resulted in me signing a contract which restricted me from releasing it for 5 years in India. In a day and age when DVDs release within weeks of the theatrical release do you'll think people will be interested in LAGAAN?

This is actually a quite smart marketing strategy.. The word will spread that Aamir has a blog of his, people will visit his blog, they will come to know of the DVD, and ultimately they might end up buying the DVD..!!

The idea of a Bollywood Star blogging is very interesting.. More such "Celebrity Blogs" would only increase the awareness about blogs in India. My only concern is that would Aamir continue blogging after the "Marketing Campaign" of the "Lagaan DVD" is over..?? I have left a comment on his blog that he should continue blogging and start his own separate independent blog.

You can visit his blog and leave your comments too. Who knows Aamir Khan might become your friend..!!

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Shruti said...

Hi Dear,
find your blog really intersting..
Good stuff on Bikes and all..and this latest buzz, Aamir has blog too.
Indian blogs is soon going to catch with international ones but then here blogs are basically used for personal reasons and even many dont know what blog is..

Will keep soming up, adding you in my list..
Take care

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New Bikes In India said...

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