May 30, 2007

3 The Indian Motorcyclist.. [by First_Synn]

First_Synn.. aka Sandeep Murali, cracks the "Indian Consumer (Motorcyclist) Code"..

Hi there, Motorcycle manufacturers of the world..!!

This is me, the Indian motorcyclist. The very same guy you want to woo with your latest products.Mind you, i am a very discerning customer, so listen to me, and you shall make a fortune.

  • You bring out a bike with awesome looks and a Meh engine, I shall say, "I don't care about looks, I want pure performance on tap".

  • You bring out a bike with a killer engine and the same bodywork as a previous model, i shall say, "I am getting ripped off here! If i am expected to pay so and so amount of money, you better make it look unique and special!"

  • You bring out a model that looks awesome and has impressive performance, I shall say, " well, look at the fuel efficiency figures! think of the running costs.. Not practical!"...

  • You bring out a 100 KM/L economiser, I shall say, "We should leave the puny bikes in the past. Bring on the big bikes".

  • You contemplate CBU launches of superbikes, I shall say, " Where are the roads for these machines? who can afford these? We want awesome performance from smaller machines".

Back to square one, eh? Not quite.

    You launch a 1000 CC bike that looks like Eva Longoria on two wheels, with 100 BHp of raw power and 100KM/l mileage(Ok, 95, take it or leave it) and price it at Rs 50,000, I shall WORSHIP you and drink the water that washes your feet.

See, it's THAT simple..!!

Published with permission from Sandeep Murali. Check out the origonal post at Sandeep's blog.


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first_synn said...

hey, thanks for the post, mate..

You gotta say, there's more than a grain of truth in that, right? ;-)

Go bloggers..! \M/

paranjit said...

explains may be d deaths of: cbz, comet, aquila, fiero......n everything authentic.

paranjit said...

explains may be d deaths of: cbz, comet, aquila, fiero......n everything authentic.

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