May 15, 2007

7 Extreme Bike Modification in India: "Condom Bike"

Take a look at the creation of Mr. K. Sudhakar, a car/bike modifier from Hyderabad

I receive quite a number of e-mails asking for details and resources for bike modifications.. Here is one modification for you bike modification enthusiasts.. Lets see if anyone would be interested in such a modification.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you the World's First "Condom Bike"

Condom Bike

As you rub your eyes in disbelief and amusement let me tell introduce to you it's creator. The creator of this bike is Mr. K. Sudhakar from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh...

Guinness Record Holding Triycle

Mr.Sudhakar is a Guinness World Record holder for building the Largest Tricycle in the World..!! The Tricycle is 41 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 3 tons with the wheel diameter of 17 feet. It is 37 feet 4 inches long. The Tricycle is powered by the Pedal, Chain Sprockets and Gears. It took him over 3 years to built this Giant.

Mr. Sudhakar had designed over 150 different types of cars too, these include ‘Wacky Cars, like Brinjal Car, Camera Car, Cricket Ball Car, Shivling Car, Cup & Saucer Car, Helmet Car, Computer Car, Double Bed Car, Football Car etc..!! He has also done a few normal ones like like ‘Go Karts’, Dune Buggies’.

This is what is the reason quoted behind the idea of the "Condom Bike"..

"For a Social Cause Mr. Sudhakar made a Condom Bike in the shape of a condom to bring in awareness towards the deadly AIDS. The Condom bike has a built in player, which gives a brief history on condoms and AIDS awareness. Continuing to fight against the deadly AIDS, he is planning to start a Mini Condom Bike Race."

Some of the Future bikes/cars projects that are being worked on are..

  • Fountain Pen Bike
  • Lipstick Bike
  • Basket Ball Car
  • Tennis Ball Car
  • Ladies Hand Bag Car
  • Stilletto Car
  • Pressure Cooker Car
  • Sofa Car
  • Book Car
  • Mobile Phone Car

Makes wonder if the "Condom Bike" is made out of latex..

Visit Mr. Sudhakar's website to know more about his creations


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Anonymous said...

nepali_babu again
I have send u mail but no response
Ok thats fine but ya u have posted
some modified bikezz he he he
condom bike.But india got really good
modifier Like gullu .arbu etc
and they have modified bikez as sport bikez.So hope u can get more info about those things.And u help me with
new picz of new launches bike.

Payeng said...

Hi Nepali Babu..

I am really sorry that I am not able to find enough information about Bike Modifiers in India..

I will definitely try to get some for guys like you..

By the way, you yourself seem to have quite a bit about bike modification and modifiers in India.. How about mailing me a few details about it..??

Anonymous said...

hey nepali_babu again
Ya i have some info n got it from
some fren of india.And u can visit
our site modified talk i have posted some modified pic
taken from various Site like xbhp,and
other.And u know one thing
we r organising a programme
G2G 2007 and here r some pic i have
design hope u will like
ok thanks


G.Santhosh Kumar said...

hi i need u r contact no. mr sudakar my no. is 9966894241 bcoz i wanna moify my karizma so i need u r help plz contact me soon

Ashish said...

I am having Karizma r and i am planing to modify it.

Kingly suggest and let me know the cost and if possible please send me few pics of Modified Karizma.
E-mail :

Anonymous said...

i have a hunk in Bangladesh …. i want modify with karizma zmr body kit,can it possible ? or anyone can give me any idea …

bubai said...

Hi,am modify my discover T125 bike I don't have any idea for this conshep

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