Apr 1, 2007

4 This is the Last Post.. Thanks for the company

This is the Last Post for "The Bike Chronicles of India"...
thanks for the support till now

Dear Visitor,

I have decided to call it a day.. "The Bike Chronicles of India" is finally shutting down after 9 months.

"I'll really miss the friends I had made during these 9 months of blogging..."

I really enjoyed your company during the last 9 months.. Thanks a lot to all the friends and visitors to my blog. But now as I am going to complete my MBA and start my professional career, It would be difficult to squeeze time out for blogging.

Maybe after I settle down in my professional career, I might start blogging on "The Bike Chronicles of India" again.. But right now it highly seems unlikely.

Thanks for all the support..

Signing off

Satadal Payeng
(Author: http://indian2wheels.blogspot.com)

Ha Ha Ha...!!! Fooled you, didn't I..??

[P.S: I won't quit this blog.. not if you pay me a 10 million (a crore) Rupees..!! ]

For the Origin of April Fool, check out Wikipedia..


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Anonymous said...

Dude, you got me there. That was a good one :)


Akash said...

I knew u wouldnt do nething like that. We are Hardcore Bike Fans and will always show loyality to bikes.

But gud one to fool people..

up in air said...


very naughty.

U got me...

up in air said...


very naughty.

U got me...

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