Apr 10, 2007

3 Is it End of the Road for "Bullet 500".. ??

The Bullet 500 is missing from the Royal Enfield Official Website..??

Royal Enfield Bullet 500A few readers of "The Bike Chronicles of India" have been commenting on the probable demise of the 500 C.C Royal Enfield Bullet.

There hasn't been any official announcements about this so far. But when I did visit the official website of Royal Enfield India, the Bullet 500 was indeed missing from the list of Royal Enfield models.

Royal Enfield Home PageThe models featured on the products page were..

  • Thunderbird
  • Bullet Electra 5S
  • Bullet Machismo
  • Bullet Electra
  • Bullet 350

Which are all 350 C.C models..

The Royal Enfield websites for U.K and U.S though still carries pictures and details of the 500 C.C model.

So has Royal Enfield really stopped the production of the Bullet 500 in India..?? Or will it appear in a new avatar..?? Guess we will just have to be patient and keep a watch.

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Utpal Das said...

I posted about the same on your blog on 21st Feb on the link where you posted pics of the new RE engine. The 500 link was removed on 16th or 17th of Feb.

It was reported that most of the firangis get the 500 from India at half the cost due to which sales are hampered outside India, and the Indian sales of 500 were almost all by firangs, so no logic for RE if we Indians are not interested. And by the same logic, me think we wont get a new 500 tii India wins the Cricket World Cup

sunspot said...

Lets just hope the promised June launch (of the new platform) bodes something to cheer...
Crossed fingers, crossed toes!

Payeng said...

hope the new platform also appeals to smaller guys (5 ft 5) guys me..

I sure do want to join the Royal Enfield family.

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