Mar 18, 2007

3 Bike Advertisements during Cricket WorldCup 2007

Bike Makers are using the Cricket World Cup 2007 to advertise their 150 C.C models

If there is something which unities India, then it has to be cricket. An advertising campaign during a cricket match/tournament can do wonders for your product. And what bigger tournament can you get than the Cricket World Cup.

"Conspicuous in its absense is the leader in the 150 C.C segment, the Bajaj Pulsar"

Yesterday I watched the match between India and Bangladesh (Yes, I know it was painful to see india lose against Bangladesh). But I noticed that during the entire match, TV Commercials of two bikes were shown quite frequently.

The first was the TV Advertisement of the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme..

The advertisement has been shot like the trailer of an action movie.

The other Advertisement was that of the TVS Apache..

This new advertisement shows the Apache chasing down cars with zebra stripes..

There were also banners of the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme running all over the boundary line in the stadium.

The cricket sight screens behind the batsmen also carried huge posters of the CBZ Xtreme.

It is obvious that both Hero Honda and TVS Motors wants to leverage the popularity of the Cricket World Cup to promote its products. It also becomes clear that both of these companies are showering more interest on its 150 C.C models than the other models from its stables. The deidcated websites of the Apache and the CBZ Xtreme shows the extra effort these bike makers are making to gain market share in this segment.

Conspicuous in its absense is the leader in the 150 C.C segment, the Bajaj Pulsar. Bajaj still dominates the 150 C.C segment by around 70% of the total sales. It is still puzzling as to why are there no TV Advertisemsnts for the New Pulsar DTSI models. The company has recently even launched India's first 200 C.C, Oil Cooled bike, the Pulsar 200 DTSI. But still there are no TV advertisements for the new Pulsars.

  • Is Bajaj so confident of its Pulsars that it doesn't need any Advertisements to keep it sales registers ringing..??

  • Is Bajaj waiting for the release of its Pulsar 220 DTSFi and then launch a flurry of Advertisements..??


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Anonymous said...

I must say, the CBZ website looks awesome.

Payeng said...

I agree...

the CBZ Xtreme site has been revamped recently.. the site really FEELS ALIVE now..!!

nilu said...

though tvs and HH do a lot of marketing, i feel bajaj ads are the classiest. No stunts, no gimmicks..just class act!i mean just take the example of the 200cc dtsi. no tv ads at all, just a newsprint with the punchline "Looks Hot, Stays Cool"...and the bike DOES look hot in the ad. thats why i feel it makes the most impact on discerning buyers.
not to mention, the the product is AWESOME too....SIZZLING would be a better word!!
kudos to the bajaj marketing team

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