Jan 28, 2007

14 New Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTSI launched in Mumbai

The Bajaj Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI has been launched in Mumbai and is available for booking now...

Pulsar 200 DTSI
Posted below are pics of the new Pulsar 200 C.C DTSI which has been clicked in a Bajaj ProBiking Showroom in Mumbai.

Pulsar 200 DTSI

"For more showroom pics of the Pulsar 200 DTSI, click here..."

"For Tech Specs of the Pulsar 200 DTSI, click here..."

The Pulsar 200 DTSI is priced at Rs. 72,530 (On Road) in Mumbai.. which means it is just around Rs.5,000 more than the Pulsar 180 DTSI..!! Considering the specs of the new Pulsar 200, it is definitely a Great value for money package..!!

Pics: XBhp.com

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Maltesh Ashrit said...

Thats good, but a p220 owner shall lack exclusivity bcos I thing ppl may change the fairing, and can add disc brakes too..

But for those who dont wanna try this stunt, this is perfect bike..

Anonymous said...

really bajaj rockssssss,karzima will get screwed because of the twin monoster's 220 dts-fi 200 dtsi

Payeng said...

I agree people might try to put the extra parts of the P220 on the P200..

But then the price difference between the P220 and the P200 is just around Rs.10,000..

The extra rear disc brake and the projector headlamps assembly would cost almost around Rs.10,000.. Plus don't forget that the "Fuel Injection" kit of the P220 cannot be retro fitted on the P200..

Akash said...

Thankx Payeng for ur latest info.
So which would be a better buy?
The P220 or P200. P200 looks real mean and sexy.
Has puneet given his review on P220?
I'm confused on the Fuel Efficiency of P220. Bike India's Road test says it gives an average of 47kmpl,but Autocar's Road test says it gives 37avg.
10kmpl diff. which to believe?

Akash said...

Hey Payeng
Download these pics and tell me what u gotta say about these.

Do make posts on Suzuki and Yamaha.

Payeng said...

Hey Akash..

Puneet hasn't yet given his promised review.. :(

I agree with you that the P 200 looks real sexy... I think it's the Best Looking Bike in India till date.

I have read the Road tests of the P220 on both Bike India and Autocar.. I have noticed the difference in mileage.. Looks like we will have to wait for the actual owners of the P220 to comment on the mileage.

I have downloaded the files that U had sent.. will go back home and see what those files are.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just wanted a tip from you, have heard that bajaj is launching 200cc avenger, you have any news? , was planning for Avy next month end, but with this news i am holding it back.

Payeng said...

Yes there is news of a 200 c.c Avenger from Bajaj..

Check out: Pulsar 200 launched Officially, Pulsar 220 and New Avenger 200 coming soon

I think it would be wise of you to wait for some more time

abinash said...

hi all, the new 200 cc pulsor is just awsome. i went for a test ride but i am also waiting for something more.little bit confused yaar. and i have heard that the milege has dropped to 25 in 200cc. is it true. ?

Payeng said...


25 km/l is quite low.. the 200 is expected to deliver between 35-40 km/l..

BTW from where did you get the info from..??

puneet said...

hey guys .... i just wanna ask something.. as i heard that this bike p200 is not gud at highways....... i mean its rear suspensions have some problem which makes the rider uncomfortable.... is that true.........anyways i am buying this bike tommorrow.....oops i mean today.just congratulate me heheh!!

Payeng said...

Hi Puneet..

since you are almost about to buy the P200.. isn't it a bit late to ask for advice..?? :-)

Anyway Congrats bro... If possible please let us know how your P200 behaves on highways for the benefit of other bikers

Anonymous said...

hi.i wanna know abt prices of parts of p200.m having new p180 n wanna make changes in it n want to convert in p200.so how much it will charge....

Pinak said...

i am going to buy my first bike.my choices are pulsar 200cc,karizma, yamaha fz-s, but off dis i like pulsar 200cc the most.
is der any problem with the bike??
please advice , shall i buy it???

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