Jan 4, 2007

11 Bad Boys + Bad Bikes = Bad Girls..??

How "sex sells"... even while selling bikes..

The other day I came across this in Hindu Business Line..

"With competition hotting up, it is all hard-sell these days. A foreign motorbike manufacturer, deciding to live the brand, went to extreme lengths at a recent launch. To emphasise the cool, youth focus of the bike, the launch was in the pub of a five-star hotel. Journalists were stamped with flashy `full throttle' tattoos before being let in. And then the company's top management walked in, in the "bad" biker gear, complete with dark glasses, black T-shirts, and thick, shiny chains. . Hold on, the bike was apparently not targeted at the "bad boys." But, according to one company official, at "boys who want to attract bad girls". "Baad girls," he emphasised, leaving the journalists a bit confused about what exactly he had in mind..."

I therefore took it as my duty to educate the ignorant what "Bad Girls" means and why are these "Bad Girls" so important for Motorcycle manufacturers..

"Marketers have successfully used the female form to sell stuffs ranging from Shaving Kits, Boxer Shorts to yes... Cars & Bikes.."

I always believe that a male species (any species for that matter) has only two concerns in its life...
  • Food and
  • Female of its species

Even for humans it is not so different.. the two concerns now translate for men as...

  • Money and
  • Mate...

Almost all the decisions we make in our life revolve these two.. for example we slog our bottoms off so that we can have enough of Money which in turn increases our prospects of finding a good mate.. the clothes we wear, gadgets we own, houses we live in, all should reflect our bank balance and thereby get the attention of the opposite sex..

Lets face it, even if you are a married man.. you would still love the idea of making pretty heads turn towards you.

Marketers have always taken advantage of this fact and have successfully used the female form to sell stuffs ranging from Shaving Kits, Boxer Shorts to yes... Cars & Bikes..

Now about Bad Girls... who are they..??

TVS Apache AdTVS Apache Ad

They can be found as pillion riders of cool dudes, wear short skirts and tank tops along with an attitude... stuff, teenage wetdreams are made off..!! See the TVS Apache Ad for more..

Bajaj Pulsar Fear The Black Ad Bajaj Pulsar Fear The Black Ad

They will be impressed if you are able to reach a destination faster on your bike than her boyfriend... might even dump him for you.. Something Like the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSI "Fear the black" Advertisement suggests..

Yamaha Gladiator Ad

They will jump up with joy when you perform an Impossible "Evel Knievel" style jump over them using Only a 125 C.C engined bike... ...like in the Yamaha Gladiator Advertisement..!!

So you see... Bad Girls do exist, but only in your Bad mind.. and in Bike Commercials of course..!!


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Maltesh Ashrit said...

would agree wid u SP,

women are used more extensively to sell men's stuff.

and and as far as we enjoy, and have no probs wid it.. let the trend continue..

aditya said...

Hey while we are here.. does anyone know the name of the girl in the bajaj dtsi fear the black ad.. the one from one of the pics above...?

Payeng said...


I don't know her name but I think she also is the one in the Sandeep Chowta's "Mallika I hate you" music video..

I also think she is a "firang" model

Anonymous said...

the girl in d mallika video is from Iceland.her name is Sigga ...she is also in d indica tv ad and fear the black bike ad LG phone ad and lots of magazine stuff...

Payeng said...

Gee Anonymous..

Thanks for the info...
Would have been pleased to know your name though too...


ranjit said...

Hi .. i own a pulsar 150.. is there anyway you could do a survey on Which bike girls would rather be pillion to.. a pulsar/Extreme/Apache/Unicorn... da da.. you get it?

Payeng said...

Ya Ranjit I get you... :-)

Wish I can find some way to conduct a survey like that.. but the visitors to "The Bike Chronicles of India" are almost 100% guys.. so its not possible here.

Maybe someone should try getting a questionnaire filled at some Girls College.. Would be fun..!! Anyone Game..??


Aditya said...

Many thanks to anonymous :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

one cool thing i noticed was that, in the older bikes ample seating space was avilable for a pillion which allowed women to position themselves with their both legs to one side .now the rear seat is getting taller and narrower blowing away the prospect of sitting with both legs to one side.now hotties will sit like men allowing more body contact and pumping more adrenaline through the rider's blood.i love to give girl friends a nice lift.

Anonymous said...

what if a girl is riding that gladiator ??
does it define her as good or bad??

Aditya said...

Many thanks to anonymous :) :) :)

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