Dec 13, 2006

7 The "Ugly Ducklings" of the Indian Motorcycling world

The Indian motorcycle industry has recently seen a few "Ugly Ducklings" who have ultimately been transformed into elegant "Swans". Presenting in this post a few of those "Indian Motorcycling Fairy Tales"

Everyone in his/her childhood must have heard/read the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen. It is about an ungainly duckling which is born in a duck nest and is not accepted during its early part of its life due to its awkward appearence.

The Ugly Duckling

The ducking runs away and somehow survives its lonely existence in the woods. One fine day it gets to see its own reflection in the pond where to its surprise it discovers that it has transformed into a beautiful swan..!! Soon it is respected and accepted among its peers.

The above mentioned fairy tale also has a few parallels in the Indian Motorcycling World..

Presenting a collection of those "Ugly Ducklings" to the "Elegant Swans" Indian Motorcycle stories... in pictures.

[1] TVS "Suzuki Fiero" -to- TVS "Fiero F2"-to- Apache

Fiero - Fiero F2 - Apache

  • TVS Suzuki Fiero: Bottom Left (Red bike with rider) and Bottm Right

  • TVS Fiero F2: Top Left (Blue)

  • TVS Apache: Bottom Center (Blue)

[2] Yamaha Libero -to- Yamaha G5

Libero - G5

  • Yamaha Libero (with awkward headlamp): Top Left and Bottom Right

  • Yamaha Libero (with round headlamp): Bottom Left (Red Bike)

  • Yamaha G5: Bottom Center (Black)

[3] Yamaha(Again..!!) Fazer -to- Yamaha Gladiator

Fazer - Gladiator

  • Yamaha Fazer (with insect headlamp): Bottom Right

  • Yamaha Fazer (with insect headlamp with the two "eyes" fused): Bottom left

  • Yamaha Fazer (with round headlamp): Top Left

  • Yamaha Gladiator: Bottom Center

[4] Hero Honda "CBZ" -to- Hero Honda "CBZ XTreme"

CBZ - CBZ Xtreme

Which one is the "Ugly Duckling and which one is the Elegant Swan..??" You be the judge yourself...

  • Hero Honda CBZ: Bottom and Top Left

  • Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme: Bottom Right


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Anonymous said...

the old cbz is better than the new one

Nikhil said...

Looks of CBZ Xtreme are subjective. Either u hate it or u love it - there is no middle path. And don't compare with the old one. The old one has its attitude and road presence and so does the new one. Both of them are stand-out bikes - They don't have conventional styling. Remember when the old one came, no other bike could match it in any parameters and still it holds good. It was two steps ahead of all the bikes on the road. The old one still has respect on the roads. The new one is also two steps ahead of all the bikes on the road. It has everything that is required and a little more but no fancy additions (thank god it is made by Hero Honda not by Bajaj or TVS). So, respect both bikes. U may call it an ugly duckling today but someday everyone will understand its styling and looks when others start copying it!!!

Payeng said...

The styling of the New CBZ Xtreme reminds me of the another execellent bike, the "TVS-SUZUKI Fiero"

Even the Fiero had "Love it or Hate it looks".. Ultimately TVS had to reinvent the "Fiero" as the "APACHE"

In terms of styling the CBZ Xtreme is a dissappointment to me compared to the Original CBZ (I once owned a Silver CBZ).. the Original CBZ had a Mature-Grown up presence.. the CBZ Xtreme appears like a Gawky Teenager to me..

But no doubt the engine of the Xtreme is far superior than that of the Original CBZ

Nikhil said...

Thanx for your reply.

I agree the old CBZ had a mature stand and new one has somewhat confusing styling. But still its different. Different from the styling of every other bike in India. I am NOT an Xtreme owner neither I may buy one but I am telling you this b'coz except its 'funny' looking headlamps, the stlying is quite digestable (looks like many guys are not happy with the looks) and with a great engine as you said, the legend is back.

Again, I am pretty sure that with time the bike will be accepted and it will be a market hit. Thanx.

Hey, do you know what the guys at Yamaha are doing? Are they sleeping? They a announced that they will launch a 150cc or probably a 165cc bike in India. Where is it? Its been a long time (almost a year) since this announcement from their new MD Tashikova (or somethin like that - sorry! I don't remember his name) about their bike. What's up - Are they working or are they just not interested in India? I am also hearing some plans that Yamaha is going for joint venture with Bajaj! No Yamaha don't do it, please, this is my suggestion.

What do you think about it, Payeng?

Payeng said...

No Yamaha isn't tying up with Bajaj.. Not yet.

About 150-165 C.C Yamaha bikes... no one is 100 % sure whether they are going to be released soon..

Eventually Yamaha along with other bike makers will have to upgrade to bigger C.C bikes... But I am not sure when.

Yamaha India presently has a lot of problems to deal with.

>> It is in its 6'th consecutive year making losses

>> Its dealer network isn't that great compared to its rivals Hero Honda, Honda, Bajaj and TVS

>> Its models have yet to become Big Hits

It is trying to find some way to make profits at least. For that they need a model which will give them the required volumes. That's why the new 106 C.C Alba has been launched.

>> A 150 C.C or above bike will never give the volumes that a entry level 100 C.C bike would provide

Hope Yamaha India is able to pull itself out of this mess.

Anonymous said...

hey payeng r u a salesman for bajaj, why r u against yamaha, honda and other bikes, u posts are very partial towards bajaj

Anonymous said...

YAMAHA Gladiator ??
y does tat come in the list yarr.??
it is a lot better than the bajaj bikes.
look at the Bajaj Discover..the look of it actually sucks.. it surely looks lyk the head of an elephant wit long ears.. :P

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