Dec 26, 2006

17 Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi Spotted in Pune Showroom..!! (Breaking News)

Reports of the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi being sighted in Pune..

There has been reports posted today morning on Overdrive Forum stating that the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi has been spotted on display in a Bajaj Showroom in Pune ... Catch the discussion here

The best part is the Price. It seems the Pulsar 220 DTSFi has been priced at Rs.83,559 (on road) in Pune..!!

"The updates posted below prove that the Pulsar 220 has indeed been launched in Pune. It seems Bajaj is trying out something called "Test Marketing" in Pune before it launches the bike nationwide"

If the above news is true then its a very competitive price by Bajaj Auto. The Pulsar 220's nearest rival the Hero Honda Karizma is priced around Rs.81,000 (on road) in Pune. And with the kind of goodies that come with the Pulsar 220 DTSFi, I think it is still Rs.15,000 cheaper for what it has been priced.

Great news for Bike Enthusiasts..!!

"Update #1 (18:00 hrs 26'th Dec 2007): carries a thread quoting that one of its members received a mail from Probiking Showroom guys in Pune which confirmed the launch of the P220. The post also claims that the Pulsar 200 has been launched in Pune too with a price tag of Rs.72,000 on road Pune... A tel. no. is also given for anyone to call and check"

"Update #2 (16:40 hrs 27'th Dec 2007): By Xionite@XBhp.Com

"I just called up the probiking showroom at vashi, new bombay.I know the manager of there. He said that Bajaj have launched just 22 Pulsar 220's at pune ONLY. They've done this to gauge the feedback they get from customers...Well that's wat he said...The P200 will be availabe in the 1st week of jan... He said that ppl who stay in bombay can buy the Bike too... with pune registration...

Here's the number of the guy incharge of delivery at the probiking store at Pune...9850038532 - Yogesh - incharge of Bike delivery9226739790 - GaneshYou can also speak to the manager, Sujoy."

Update #3 (18:20 hrs 28'th Dec 2007): Source: By SR2002 at Xbhp.Com

Heloo dudes ...I rode the 220FI today at the probiking showroom on the dynometer.Awsome is the only word i can speak.the Bike went to 126kmph without a sweat ... and toped out at 132kmph ... but getting her to 132 needs a bit time ... and reall hight rpm.i grounded the engine till 11500rpm .... the engine real smooth ... has a nice thumping sound .. but does become harsh passed 10000rpm .... but over all the engine was excellent ...And about the fit and finish ... its reall nice ... i didnt see any flaw ... the headlights are excellent ... nice and powerfull.and the Bike looks reall big from the front end ... In pune the bookin has already started ... the guy said .. that if i book today ... i'll get the Bike by second week of jan.The Bike is priced at around 84000 on road in pune ...

First Pics of the Pulsar 220 in Pune Probiking Showroom by DeadRider at More Pics of the P220 in Pune Probiking showroom at neo999's blog

Update #4 (10:00 hrs 29'th Dec 2007): Business Standard on their website carries a report of the launch of the new Pulsar 220 in Pune. Posted below are a few extracts of the report..

Source: Business Standard

"Priced at Rs 84,000, about 20 units of the bike have already been booked. Bajaj has launched its powerful motorcycle, Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi, in Pune, while Mumbaikars will have to wait till January for the bike. The launch of Pulsar 220 was a low-profile affair, away from the media glare. Priced at Rs 84,000, ex-showroom Pune, about 20 units of the bike have already been booked by customers with a down payment of Rs 10,000. A total of 35 units are allotted to the showroom and is sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. The next batch of the bikes will only be delivered by February."

"The bike will be in all the Bajaj showrooms across the country by the start of February"

"Bajaj has gone for a soft launch technique known as ‘test launch’, wherein the company will be playing a wait-and-watch game to see the initial response"

"Bajaj’s second big offering for 2007 is Pulsar 200, which is expected to be launched in January next month "

"Interestingly, only those customers who are able to produce a proof of residence in Pune will be able to buy the vehicle"

Update #5 (14:50 hrs 29'th Dec 2007): Anubhav at Xbhp.Com


>>The build is out of this world......Even the gearshift paddle is RE-ENFORCED.

>>The pilots and halogens are WHITE/BLUE.

>>The Firing has a beautiful grunt.

>>Gearbox is slick as hell.

>>And yes i did a 0-60 in 3.5 secs on the dyno....

>>The Wheelbase is longer..........and the front forks ....oh my god.....fat as hell.

>>The two piece handlebars and the reared up foot pegs provide excellent grip and comfort.....the seats are such a way that the rider tucks in...

>>Rear disc is awesome..!!

>>And the Bike has a one time self check.....that means once the radiator has some oil pressurised then it does not need to check the engine again and again just one time in the entire day which lasts for around 5 secs.

This Bike is currently 20 in stock in guys hurry if you want one....

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n[E]o said...

Not only 220cc yaar, 200cc Dtsi model is also launched!
price 72k for 200cc

I called them and confirmed! So you can remove that disclaimer!

Check my blog :
Pulsar 220cc and Pulsar 200cc Launched

Maltesh Ashrit said...

Hey SP,
Gr8 piece of news...
Mind blowing price mann..83K...
Too much..

(Hope u wont mind me posting on this RSVP....)

kamal anjelo said...

atlast P220 has arrived :)great info Payeng!good to see all the news at one place.

Payeng said...

Yes Kamal,

the wait for one of India's most exciting bikes in recent times seems to be over.. finally

what abt u..?? would u go for the P220..??

Abijeet said...

Does anyone here agree that the tank should have been bigger..?..Like that of a comet or the fazer or any sport bike for that matter..Since its been put up there for feedback why we suggest to them that the tank should be made bigger for the big bike feel.!Write to them i say u guys...You know the proper tank over the knees feel of the big guns..After all it does have competetion from no less than the Honda's and the Yamaha's..!!

Payeng said...

I agree with you abhijeet..

the fairing looks a bit bulky than the rest of the bike... I think that the Pulsar 200 has perfect propotions among all the Pulsars.. 150/180 included..

the fixed half fairing according to me is a useless add on not to mention it adds to a few xtra kilos on the bike... Bajaj has kept the fairing just because its rival the KARIZMA has..

Even if Bajaj wants to retain its current fuel tank, I only hope the next version of the P220 will have a better looking headlamp assembly..

Abijeet said...

..and as far as the headlamp goes looks like an underwear..!!..somebody please tell them out there in pune guys..

Payeng said...

dont worry abijeet,

I am confident that even if they launch this version of P220 without any changes, the next version would be a better one..

Probably comments from buying public like you would make them go for the changes.. if possible send a mail to the Bajaj guys

Abijeet said...

hey payeng, wouldnt believe how many times i've written to these guys..via..that 'contact us' link on their there another way to because i would gladly do that..!!..the thing is..ive been waiting really long for this and so..i want it to be perfect..!flawless...

but what can i say...if this 'next version'..(..any idea what it is?or when its coming..or is it just the one coming after modifications are made..the january batch that is..?)..does come without these changes..i do hope there is more power in match the fazer..(nothing like the comet ofcourse..!damn vee..)..not the 19._ _ something bhp..!again..we enthusiasts never stop asking for more do we..?!?!!! you know some email that they have or smg through which ye know i could write to them..would be gr8 if u could pass on some suggestions to them yourself..!

Payeng said...


No yaar, I don't have any contact with any Bajaj Guys...

I agree with u, even I wanted the bike to be PERFECT.. 10 out of 10..!!

No I don't have any idea about the next version. I personally would have preferred if they could do something with the fairing...

If Yamaha or Honda or any bike maker for that matter could launch a similarly powerful around 250 C.C bike... that would make Bajaj hasten making look the P220 better..

But question remains.. can any other bike maker achieve this feat and still be as price competitive as Bajaj..??

Abijeet said...

hey payang...might wanna keep updating your blog man...bikex is starting blogs been very informative over the past few days..good work..keep goin'...

Payeng said...


the Bikex seems to be a flop show.. even the P220 seems to be absent from the show..

quite a disappointment..

Anonymous said...

the 200cc is also becoming a floop bike if u book the bike the time they say u is around 1 mnth or 25 days and that is because the bike are having some problem which half of the bikes are send to pune
so guys plz thnk and go for it
and about 220cc the bike will get launched on march end or april

Payeng said...

Dear Friend..

>> Please remember to submit proof or at least links to prove your claims.. only then your statements/claims will be taken to be authentic.


When I went to Bangalore last November.. I was told that to buy the Pulsar 180 there was a waiting period of 45 days for every buyer. This seems to be Bajaj's policy of selling higher capacity bikes with a waiting period.

>> According to me the reason why the Pulsar 180/200/ and 220 have a waiting period:

+ Stocking goods to provide the customer on demand means that the Inventory Costs will increase

+ Every manufacturer wants to reduce inventory to minimum

+ The best wasy to do that is to start manufacturing only once the customer places the order

+ But for that the company will have to be confident that it won't lose the customer because of the waiting period.

This makes business sense for Bajaj because the volume of sales of the Pulsar 180/200/220 certaintly wont be as high compared to the 150... And I don't think that the waiting period is due to any defect.

Hassu said...

Can u tell me the mileage of 220 DTS-Fi?

Payeng said...

I got 35 Kmpl in the City and 50 Kmpl on the highway on my 220.

I have written about it in one of the post.

Raju said...

Above Anubhav has written that he does 0-60 in 3.5 secs in 'dyno'. Is that true? I have seen in the acceleration of Pulsar 220 is 0-60 in 4.4 secs. Which is real? what is the meaning of 'dyno'?

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