Nov 15, 2006

4 "MouthShut" or "Eyes Shut"..??

Want to read a review of the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSFi..? That too from the consumers first hand experience..? Well, you can get it in MouthShut.Com, India’s only website where consumers post their first hand experience about the products they use. Its similar to user review of Amazon.Com.

Quite useful ain’t it..??

“Wait a minute.. Was that Pulsar 220 DTSFi..?? Dude that bike hasn’t even been launched in the market so far.. How can any consumer write a review on it..??”

Well it does sound nonsense, but that hasn’t stopped Bajaj Enthusiasts/Haters posting their reviews on the “yet to be launched” bike on MouthShut.Com… Check it out here.. There are some 18 reviews of the bike. Reviews range from a few enthusiasts who are simply excited with the prospect of owing a Pulsar 220 and obviously can’t resist writing a eulogy on it. And then there also a few Bajaj haters around, who tells us how uncomfortable Pulsars are and how refined some other bikes are.

Now how useful are these reviews/crap for the common man who wants an honest review of the product?

Obviously MouthShut.Com has kept its “Mouth Shut”… maybe “Eyes Shut..!!”


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Raj said...

you are right that people do write about something they dont have or seen but the fact is they write when they know something about it, the 220 CC model is availiable for test drives at a lot of places and this bikes has a lot of reviews on Biker and Auto mags around so there isnt much you can do here as what people write is something they know is the information is correct, but if something is fake and wrong information provided. it is always subject to review and right action is taken accordingly and monitoring each and every review is a very tough task, its just like google reading each and every post you do. :)


sabunair mangalasserril said...

very good site.... amazing differentiation.... love gonna link it to my blog..see mine and comment ..pls

Payeng said...


MouthShut.Com is a website meant to give reviews of customers who actually use these products so that these reviews can help potential customers make decisions..

for writing personal thoughts/opinions or comments about products that have not been used there are Internet Forums like XBHP.Com or Blogs like mine..

these irrelevant reviews are defeating the very purpose of Mouthshut.Com

kamal anjelo said...

Payeng,i think what you said is right,in review those people are talking about the previous versions of pulsar,or their general opinion,or expectations about the bajaj pulsar.

ofcourse they are irrelevent reviews.

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