Nov 21, 2006

21 Bold Bajaj: New Bajaj 150 DTSI "Phantom" (Pics/Images/Price/Tech Specs)

Last weekend I was in Bangalore. I took the opportunity and promptly went to different bike showrooms to test ride the latest 150 c.c bikes that has recently been released in India. This post is the first of the series about my test rides and the visits to these showrooms.

My first post is about my visit to "Khivraj Motors" a Bajaj Showroom in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Here I get to see the New Bajaj Pulsar DTSI "Phantom" twins i.e. the 150 and the 180. Alas..!! I could not get a test ride because the model displayed there were booked and there wasn't any test bike available. But I did get to click a few pictures with my camera and also briefly spoke with the guys at the showroom about the new bikes. After my conversation with the showroom guys and after looking at the new bikes I realized that Bajaj has become bold..!!!

Bold Bajaj..!!!

Bold Bajaj

"Pulsar 150 is now the costliest 150 C.C bike in the country..!!"

"Price difference between the 150 & 180 is only around Rs.2000..!!"

Q. Which is the "Costliest" 150 c.c bike in India today?

  • The New Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI is now the Costliest 150 c.c bike in India..!! Priced at Rs. 65,539 (On Road Price Bangalore)

The other 150 c.c bikes are priced as follows: (Front Disc+Self Start Model)

  • Honda Unicorn: Rs. 60,586 (On Road Price Bangalore)

  • TVS Apache : Rs. 61,350 (On Road Price Bangalore)

  • Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme: Rs. 63,977 (On Road Price Bangalore)

New Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI Phantom
Q. How much is the price difference between the 150 & the 180..??
  • By just 2,200 Odd Rupees..!!

  • The New 180 DTSI is priced at Rs. 67,265 (On Road Price Bangalore)

Q. Is there any increase/change in engine of the New Pulsar 150DTSI..??
  • No..!! According to the guys at the showroom the new 150 has no engine changes. It is essentially the same old DTSI engine with additional goodies.

[Update 23/11/06: Official Tech Specs of the DTSI Twins have been made public in the Bajaj Website. There has been a few modifications on the Pulsar 150 C.C.

  • According to Bike India and Overdrive magazine the cubic capacity of the Pulsar 150 have been increased from previous 143 C.C to 149.01 C.C.

  • There has been a minor increase (of 0.4 b.h.p) in power for the 150. From the earlier 13.5 b.h.p to 13.9 b.h.p

  • Torque is now rated at 12.76 Nm]

Q. What are the changes to the new Pulsar 150 DTSI..??
  • Digital Speedo/Tacho Assembly

  • Self Cancelling turn indicators (the new bike doesn't have a push
    to cancel option..!!)

  • Backlit Switches that glow in the dark

  • LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for the tail lamp

  • New side and rear body panels, Headlight encased by Matt Black Plastic

  • 1-Down, 4-Up Gear Pattern

(In fact the only visual difference the Pulsar 150 and 180 is the all black paint scheme of the 180 and the silver engine and alloy painted 150)

So whats Bold about Bajaj..???
  • Well for one that Bajaj has decided not to play the bike manufacturer which makes bikes which costs less.

  • Even if the CBZ Xtreme is the most powerful 150 c.c bike at 14.2 bhp, Bajaj has still kept the earlier engine spec at 13.5 bhp and still commanding a premium on it.

  • You want a Bajaj, you need to pay a premium over other bikes now..!!

So will Bajaj be successful at this new game..??

All I can say is that

  • Among all the showrooms I visited (TVS, Hero Honda, Honda), the Bajaj showroom was the most crowded.

  • Both the new bikes (150 & 180) shouted "quality", fit and finish was the best.

  • Agreed i did not get a test ride but both the bikes looked extremely aggressive and racy even when standing still.

  • It still looks "Definitely Male"..!!

  • Most importantly I am convinced that "Chicks" will turn their heads to look at the bike (no guarantee abt the rider though)

In my opinion the last two points must be reason enough for blokes all over India to head for the Bajaj Showrooms. Never mind that premium over other bikes.


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aditya said...

Dude, u have an amazing site with useful and informative content - gr8 pics, all presented beautifully and its a treat everytime i visit ur page. i will keep visiting, n keep up the gr8 work!!

Payeng said...

Thank you very much Aditya

for those encouraging words...

It means a lot to me..


Melville said...

Hi Satadal,
I've been scanning your blog with great interest since the past 2 weeks or so..This is concerning your latest post (Bold Bajaj-Phantom 150).Seems to me that you've had an encounter with a badger...people who have no knowledge whatsoever about their stuff.I was surprised that Bajaj had hiked the 150's price without any significant work on the motor.But fear not! Coz the 150 DTS-i now puts out-
14.09 bhp @ 8500 rpm !
Need proof? Head straight to as Bajaj has finally updated the site vis-a-vis the Phantom twins.

Payeng said...

Hi Melville

Thanks for following my blog so keenly...

Thanks to you I did check the Pulsar website and you are correct..!! there has been an increase in the power.. but only a "minor" increase actually...

Actually you see the power of the Pulsar 150 is rated at 14.09 PS. There is a little difference between PS and B.H.P.
1 PS is actually equal to 0.986 b.h.p

So the power of the new Pulsar in b.h.p is = 13.9 b.h.p (a minor increase of 0.4 b.h.p)

Thanks for pointing out about the latest update..


Anonymous said...

14.09 PS ,,not 14.09 BHP

14.09 PS = 13.9 BHP !!!!!!!

Siva said...

Come on guys, I've got a new Pulsar180 just before this diwali for Rs.64K onroad here in chennai.

You quote 65K for a 150 and 67K for a 180. Are prices increased now, suddenly?

Payeng said...


Recently Bajaj had increased the prices of the Pulsar...

Moreover there is difference of prices in different states of India..

The on-road price quoted in the post is what it is in Bangalore at presesnt and is 100% true..

I can even produce the scanned copies of the quotations of the different showrooms visited by me..

...will do that in my next post..!!

And oh yes... congrats on your purchase..!!

Joey reddy said...

Great Review, Keep it Payeng.
You done a Good job .

We eagerly want the Test Ride review on new Pulsar from you .



Payeng said...

Thanks Joey..

will surely keep u guys updated...

kamal anjelo said...

hey payeng,the details and pics are pretty impressive.btw as a fellow bajaj pulsar bike fan,i am glad to invite you to join and post your pulsar bike pics...good day!

Akash said...

Plz update this page fast.
The new pulsar 150 phantom has a higher displacement engine of 149cc. Previoulsy it was 143cc.
So there might be a slight less fuel economy.

Payeng said...

Hi Akash..

Even I am eager to know if there has any increase in displacement in the New Pulsar 150...

the official website doesn't provide info abt the engine displacement but it has come out with revised power figures... the peak power now is @ 13.9 bhp up from 13.5 bhp...

At the same time the December issue of Autocar India the power of the new Pulsar has been quoted at 14+ bhp... which doesn't match with the "Official" figures available @ the bajaj website (and i'll consider the corporate website to be more reliable)...

Therefore unless confirmed with proof, I would not like to spread any speculative figures...

Do you have some concrete proof abt engine displacement being increased to 149 C.C..??? Plz let me know if u do...

Ride Safe..

Akash said...

Hi Payeng...
Yes the new phantom has a new engine with 149.01cc displacement and 14.09bhp.
Bajaj sites arent updated regularly, so they hav old figures.
The engine has new gear system of 1down 4up, and new exhaustec system.
I hav test rided it and felt the difference of power.
Bajaj did it so as to cope up with CBZ Xtreme which is the most powerful of 150s having 149.2cc and 14.2bhp
Anymore info required do ask me.

I hav sold out my old Pulsar to buy the new one(cool digi meters)

Payeng said...

Hi Akash..

Dude, if Possible mail me a copy of the page of the Brochure of the latest 150 C.C Pulsar DTSi in which the Tech Specs are visible...

mail it to ""

Akash said...

Sorry Payeng, the brochures of new Pulsar isnt still available as I said Bajaj isnt that updated.

I'll mail u as soon as I find it myself. I got all this info from person who had come to Bajaj showroom
and he told me he worked at Bajaj Automobiles.
SO the facts and Figures hav to be true.
Even I checked out the latest Overdrive mag Dec issue.
There also its written the same thing.

Read that issue of Overdrive, it has full comparison of CBZ Xtreme, Pulsar Phantom, and Apache.

Suseendran said...

tell me the price of pulsar 180 dtsi in coimbatore-tamilnadu

Anonymous said...


good to see your comments.
kindly suggest for the below requirement

1. want to upgrade 2wheeler
2. make use of my old 2006 model bajaj platina as exchange.
3. need good fuel efficiency
4. at economic prize. and ready to add 25K as credit.

suggest me which bike will be more useful and economic

rishi said...

i am residing in mumbai, and want to gift Bajaj Platina to my husband, but would like to know why there is differences of rates in Mumbai, Blr, TN, Ahm and Hyd. Hyd is the lowest.

This is not a joke, but i feel like going to Hyd and buying the bike.
Doesn't it make sense i can watch Hyd with the difference amount.

Please reply soon.

Payeng said...

Thanks Joey..

will surely keep u guys updated...

Anonymous said...

R u sure it is 65,539 on road price bcauz in this link: if u chck it is more tht also ex;showroom price....

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Hello.. kindly check out the date when the above post was made.. it was in 2006..!!

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