Nov 22, 2006

5 Autocar India: The Early Bird

"The Early Bird catches the worm"

Goes a popular proverb and it seems Autocar India has taken it seriously. Yesterday I got down from the bus at the Trichy Bus Station after spending my weekend in Bangalore. At the bus station to my surprise I found the "December" issue of one of my regular auto mags, the Autocar India in one of the news stands.

I had noticed earlier that issues of the Autocar India mag used to come a good 3-4 days before the beginning of the month (of which the issue is supposed to be). But this was a good 10 days before the month of November had ended and here I was with my December issue Autocar India in my hands..!!

I'd say its a smart strategy of Autocar India. Of late there has been an increase in the number of Auto related mags (I don't even have an exact count how many are out there)... And once a person buys a 50-60 Rs. mag, the chances of him buying another mag (which would have almost the same content) becomes less. Therefore its better to be the "Early Bird" and "Catch the Worm".

Nevertheless, one week should be more than enough, if there is any effort to shave off a few more days, then Autocar better make its publication a fortnightly instead of a monthly.


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sabunair mangalasserril said...

and the worms are caught because they are earlier than the birds,

sabu adformula

Anonymous said...

Go to auto expo @ BKC Bandra Kurla Comlex Mumbai and have a look at pulsar 200 cc and also pulsar 220 cc

Payeng said...

Thanks for the information Anonymous.. (wish I had known ur name..)

I am based in Trichy Tamil Nadu (Studying MBA in Dept. of Mgt, Studies; N.I.T Trichy) , so can't really go to mumbai..

But yes, I did find some pics of the New Pulsar 200..

will post them next..

Joey Reddy said...


You can post a Intersting comparision of the latest aggressive segment in India The 150CC(100CC is saturated)which's getting Sizzling hot with every model launched.

The New Pulsar+Hero Honda Acheiver+ Honda Unicorn+TVS Apache are all hot selling in this segment

We can regularly have a brief test report with +VEs and -VEs listed along ,and their on-road prices.

This will keep all bike fans absolutey happy.

Eagerly Waiting to see this...

Payeng said...

Joey U just read my mind..!!

Actually when I was in Bangalore I took test rides of the TVS Apache, Honda Unicorn and the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme... Its sad that I did not get the test ride of the new Pulsar as a test ride bike wasn't there in the showroom..

I will soon blog about my experiences.. with all the Positives and negatives of those 150 c.c bikes..

Just keep in touch..!!

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