Oct 28, 2006

2 Two Bigger Pulsars, New Pulsar 150 in next 3 months..!!

Watch Rajiv Bajaj (M.D Bajaj Auto) make statements how Bajaj plans to quit the 100 C.C segment and kill the competition with 125 C.C and bigger bikes.

Also listen how Bajaj plans to launch a New (upgraded) Pulsar 150 and also launch two new bigger Pulsars (apart from the 150 & 180 C.C Pulsars) in the next three months..!!!


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anup said...

Yes thats a good news. I like the enthusiasm that bajaj management has. i wish i could like the ride quality of pulsar. It isnt good!! especially after having ridden the old CBZ and now Karizma... i feel down-graded when i ride pulsar even the new 180. Apart from that small grudge Bajaj has been the bold face of Indian motoring.. and thanks to them; else we would have never seen mag-wheels and premium styling in indian two-wheels ever! Hats off to Rajiv and Sanjiv Bajaj.. and their styling engineers

Payeng said...

Yes Anup, I second your thoughts on how Bajaj is spearheading the two wheeler segment by giving more value to the bike enthusiasts..

But I dont share ur opinion on the ride quality of Bajaj... I too owned a CBZ ( a 2000 model) once.. it had one of the very comfortable seats no doubt...

but I personally feel the ride quality of the present batch of Pulsars, especially on the gas filled "Nitrox" rear shocks are among the best in India...

But then we can have dIfferent experiences..

Your point taken.

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