Oct 23, 2006

1 Hero Honda- World's Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer

The Greatest Ever Motorcycle according to Discovery Channel is the humble "Honda Cub". The bullet proof engine of the Honda Cub has been in production in India since 1985 and has created history of sorts in its various incarnations.

The Hero Group of India has a joint venture with Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Japan since 1984 and is incorporated as Hero Honda Motors Ltd. In 1985, a 100 C.C version of the engine of the Honda "Cub" appeared on its first model as the Hero Honda "CD100".
In 1994 an upgraded version of the "CD100" called the "Splendor" was launced; which essentially had the same engine of the "CD100" but with improved styling and cycle parts. Splendor was declared 'World No. 1' - largest selling single two-wheeler model in 2001.

For 5 years in a row Hero Honda has since been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Intrestingly Hero Honda had launced a clone (a Step thru) of the Honda "Cub" called the "Street" in 1997. But it failed miserably in India and ultimately it was shelfed.
The Hero Honda Street being manufactured

Hero Honda at present has the giggest market share in India in terms of sales in the 100 C.C motorcycle segment.


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Anonymous said...

when i see the list of worlds largest motorcycle manufacturers(http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_are_the_Top_Ten_Motorcycle_manufacturers_in_the_World) i dont see the name of HeroHonda any where in the list.insted it stated dat Honda is NO:1...so while in the comptetion is HH nd H one nd d same???
plz reply

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