Aug 24, 2006

0 Testimony to Indian Manufacturing (Part II)

The Original Bajaj Pulsar

The Chinese Copycat "Gulsar"

The Chinese copy has been unabashedly named as "Gulsar" so that it sounds phonetically similar to "Pulsar"..!! The font and even the engine capacity (180 C.C) is conspicuously same.. why..??

Probably the following anecdote will narrate why...
One day my friend bought an electric light bulb. On reaching home he put the bulb in the holder and switched it on. The bulb instantly went kaput.. surprised and angry at his purchase, he picked up the paper cover of the bulb. To his amusement he noticed that what he had thought to be a "BAJAJ ELECTRIC BULB" (Yes, Bajaj makes them too) was actually an imitation which had a similar packaging with same color and fonts... also the brand name printed on the packing read "BOJAJ" instead of "BAJAJ"..!!
The question now is, how much damage will the "Gulsar" cause the "Pulsar"..??


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