Aug 22, 2006

0 Testimony to Indian Manufacturing (Part I)

Some people say, "Imitation is the best form of flattery"

Also The Hindu Businessline reports...

"Except for a few minor changes to the headlamp and indicator combo and the rear grab rail, the Gulsar is indistinguishable from the Indian original"

Many international auto manufacturers had their designs blatantly copied by Chinese imitations... the following has been taken from a report on the "Chinese Auto Market 2010"

"Chinese authorities do not recognize international patents or trademarks. Imitation is not considered intellectual piracy. The consequences are dire: Toyota lost a lawsuit against the Chinese manufacturer Geely for copying the Toyota brand logo. Honda and GM are conducting similar battles against such domestic producers as Chery regarding trademark violations and product imitation. More than half of the entire spare-parts market belongs to gray and counterfeit parts"

Bajaj Auto might be mighty pleased in a way because imitations are usually made of those products which have been quite successful... so in a way the Chinese copy is a testimony to the achievement of Bajaj Auto and Indian manufacturing at large...


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