Aug 22, 2006

2 The Journey Begins...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -- Confucius
This is my first step, my first small step..... my first post..!!

I don't know how many miles my journey will cover... but I am sure it will be worth.
  • So what is my journey all about? It will be about "Bikes"... anything and everything related to "Indian Bikes"... Probably one day I will look back at the miles I covered... and the friends I made


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Sandupam said...

Great page!!! can thier be space for 2+ wheels also if not all the most desirables in the land plus can their be an regular update for the fastest Indian on the planet ,our very own narian karthekien + moto GP with the scope of India

kamal anjelo said...

nice beginning!

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